The Office of Institutional Compliance (OIC) serves the Penn community by providing infrastructure and resources to promote compliance with laws and adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards.

OIC accomplishes this through its support to three key constituencies:

  • Penn’s broad community, including faculty, staff and students
  • individuals and offices with specific functional compliance expertise and responsibility
  • Penn’s senior leadership

For the broad Penn community, OIC’s focus is on:

  • raising awareness of the importance of conducting activities in compliance with laws and policies
  • directing the community to policies and resources that describe what is required
  • communicating the importance of raising questions and concerns
  • advising on Penn’s non-retaliation policies and other protections in place

For individuals with specific functional responsibility, OIC:

  • coordinates a regular information-sharing forum for a community of offices with specific compliance expertise and responsibility
  • provides support for compliance with new regulations
  • develops and implements compliance tools and others resources to support all compliance functions at Penn

For Penn’s senior leadership, OIC provides regular reports on major areas of focus and strategies.

For more information on the Office of Institutional Compliance, please call 215-573-4806.